Marsilea Crenata plant is one of the hardiest ferns in the hobby as they withstand high temperatures and low light.  The Plant has its origin in Asia. Many use it as a carpet plant in their hobby.

Due to its high use in aquarium hobby, people love to grow this plant. Here are the most sought questions about Marsilea Crenata and its answers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Marsilea Crenata

Does Marsilea Crenata need CO2?

This foreground plant does not require any extra CO2 supplement. All that it requires is good lighting conditions and a nutrient-rich substrate. However, the addition of CO2 and any fertilizers will speed up the growth of the plant.

How do you grow Marsilea Crenata?

Divide the purchased plant into separate portions and just plant directly into the substrate using a tweezer. It spreads its shoots vertically and starts forming a carpet to create the desired look for the aquarium.

What is the common name of Marsilea Crenata?

Marsilea Creanata is also known as Water clover because of the shape of the leaf. It is found in South East Asia.

What is the use of Marsilea Crenata?

Apart from adding to the aesthetic look of the aquarium, it is used in Indonesian cuisine. The plant also has medicinal values and is used in treating leprosy, fever, skin diseases, and blood poisoning.

How do you trim Marsilea Crenata?

With improper lighting, the plant grows vertically, but with good lighting, the plant spreads on the aquarium floor. Further, you can trim the leaves from the top using sharp scissors in case of uncontrolled growth.

Is Marsilea Crenata edible?

The leaves of Marsilea Creanata are a part of Indonesian cuisine. The plant is cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Sometimes the leaves are even eaten raw and are known as Phak waen.

Is Marsilea Crenata an aquatic Pteridophyte?

Marsilea Crenata reproduces vegetatively as well as through spores. They do not produce flowers or seeds, which are usually the main sources of reproduction. These plants also disperse their spores which aids them in reproduction.

Is Marsilea Crenata fast-growing?

Marsilea Crenata is a tough plant that has medium growth speed in comparison with other aquatic plants. Changes in the minimum requirements of the plant might result in slight changes in the growth rate and direction. However, there are no major odds in the growth rate of the plant.

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