Jaguar cichlids is one of the most famous American cichlid fish. People love them for their aggressive nature. In this post, we have answered some of the most asked questions on the web about jaguar cichlids.

How aggressive are Jaguar cichlids?

Jaguar cichlids ranks in the top 3 aggressive Cichlids in the aquarium hobby. An adult Jaguar Cichlid literally rules the tank by showing its dominance over other Cichlids. We advise you to choose the right fishes if the Jaguar Cichlid is kept in a community tank.

How big do Jaguar cichlids get?

Jaguar Cichlids grows up to 1 feet in home aquarium. They have the potential to grow 8 inches easily with good food and care.

Can you eat Jaguar cichlid?

In the wild they are found in the Ulua river & Matina river and cichlids they grow to one foot easily. Hence, locals consume Jaguar as an edible fish. I do not believe hobbyists grow them to consume the Jaguar Cichlid.

Do Jaguar cichlids have teeth?

Oh yes, the Jaguar cichlids have large teeth enough to tear the flesh of other fishes during a quarrel.

Do Jaguar cichlids grow fast?

Yes, Jaguar Cichlids grows fast. They reach the spawning age between 18 to 24 months. During the first 6 to 9 months, they grow up to 5 inches. If you compare to other cichlid varieties, its a faster growth rate.

Can Jaguar cichlid live with Oscars?

Jaguar cichlid can live with Oscars on 2 conditions. One, you need to keep both the fish in a large tank so they can have their own space and territory. Two, both fishes need to be of the same size. If one of them is smaller in size, you can certainly watch a turf war.

How can I tell if my Jaguar cichlid is male or female?

It is certainly not difficult to identify the male and female Jaguar cichlid. The male is generally large. Further, a full-grown male fish will not have any bars in the skin. On the contrary, female has a thin vertical line with a dark brown horizontal bar.

What fish can live with Jaguar cichlids?

Oscar, Green terror, Convict, Red Devil Cichlids are some of the cichlids which could be kept along with Jaguar Cichlids. Word of caution: ensure all the fishes are of the same size and the fish tank is large enough to hold these monsters.

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