Bala sharks are one of the most active and friendly fishes in the hobby and are commonly found as well, however it is very challenging to breed them. In this post let us explore the steps which will help breed Bala shark fish

How to breed Bala Shark

Breeding Bala Sharks is a challenge and therefore it is usually attempted by professional breeders. But if you can provide your Bala Sharks with adequate space and care, then follow the following steps to successfully breed your Bala Sharks

Required supplies

  • Adult Bala Sharks 6 to 8 numbers

Required tools

  • Large enough breeding fish tanks
  • Filter with good flow
  • Some strong aquatic plants

Total cost: USD 100


Total time: 40 days

  • Step 1 – Setting up a tank

    Set up a large tank and keep the temperature between 72 and 82 degrees. Do not plant too many aquatic plants in order to give space for the fishes to swim freely

  • Step 2 –

    Introduce around five to six Bala Sharks into your and observe them for signs of mating. This is because it is very difficult to differentiate between male and female

  • Step 3

    The female will lay eggs that will be scattered in the tank. Make sure the filtration is strong to create the current in the tank so that the male can fertilize it externally. The current will help in the movement of the sperm so that all the eggs are fertilized

  • Step 4

    Now move the eggs to a different tank which is bare bottom. This will make the cleaning process easier

  • Step 5

    Once the eggs hatch feed them with brine shrimp and commercial fry several times a day


As they grow bigger place them in separate tanks to give them more space to grow.

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