Celestial pearl fish are very new in the fishkeeping hobby and it is gaining popularity day by day. Hence it is important to understand the techniques to breed these stunning and active celestial pearl fishes.

How to breed celestial pearl fish

Breeding celestial pearl is not very difficult, in this post step by step process to breed has been listed and this would help you in breeding the celestial pearl wish

Required supplies

  • Healthy Parent fishes
  • Good Quality fries feed
  • Java moss
  • Ramshorn

Required tools

  • Breeding tank
  • Nylon breeding mop

Total cost: USD 35


Total time: 5 days

  • Setting up the breeding tank

    Take a 10 gallon tank and fill it half with water from the main aquarium tank and then top it off with new water. Add nylon spawning mops to one corner of the tank. You can also add Java moss. No special heating or lighting is needed.

  • Introduce the parents

    Add the female fish around an evening time and let it remain in the tank undisturbed and introduce the male before you put off the lights. This one of the tried and trusted ways used by breeders.

  • Spawning Process

    Depending on the matured parents, by end of one day post introducing the parents you will get to see eggs laid over the nylon spawning mop.

  • Hatching process

    This is the most interesting part, you will get to see the life taking from the eggs. Mostly in 48 hours you would notice the young fries wiggling themselves in the egg shelves.

  • Free swimming of fries

    After they hatch, to be free swimming the fires would need a minimum of 4 days and this is the time you would be able to count the approximate number of fries which has survived

  • Feeding the fries

     Feed the young pearl celestial fish fries with micro worms twice a day. Since they stay at the bottom of the tank feed them with foods that will sink to the bottom.


Remove the spawning media and add ramshorn or snails to eat up the left-over food. Do some minor water changes by making use of water from the adult fish tank. Feed them well with protein rich food as they would need these to grow faster

The step by step instructions to breed celestial pearl fish at a home aquarium has been listed

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