Aquarium decors have been used by aquarists since the inception of this hobby and are important to know about them. Based on our study from amazon reviews and quora. We have answered the 7 most frequently asked questions related to aquarium decors

What decorations are safe for fish tanks?

here are 2 kinds of decorations that are safe for fish tanks

  1. Resin-based products with aquarium friendly paint are definitely recommendable.
  2. Decors that are made of non-toxic plastics are expensive when compared with normal plastic decors.
Why are aquarium decorations so expensive?

Depending on the quality of the decor, the price is determined. I wouldn’t mind shelling out a couple of more dollars which would keep my fishes safe.

How can I make my aquarium more attractive?

Choosing the right decor according to the size of your aquarium and placing them properly is the secret to keeping your aquarium attractive.

What are fish tank decorations made of?

Fish tank artificial decorations are mostly made of plastic, ceramic, and resin. If you are planning to decorate your tank using natural decors there are options available such as river rocks, driftwood, and live aquatic plants.

How do you make homemade fish tank decorations?

The easiest way to make homemade fish tank decoration is with clay pots – pick different sizes and shapes to bring in the variation and depth, toy blocks – use your creativity and build a cave or a bridge, and use some broken ceramic mugs.

Can you put Lego’s in a fish tank?

Yes, you can use Legos in your aquarium as they are made of quality plastic material and do not emit any chemicals. In my experience, it is absolutely fine to use Legos.

What ornaments can you put in a fish tank?

There is plenty of ornaments available in our local fish store and online, depending on the theme you wanted to set up in your aquarium, pick the decors like pebbles, castle, pot, broken ships, etc. Ensure the quality of the ornaments is good and they are not sharp in nature.

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