Aquarium plants have gained a lot of attention in the last decade. In this post, we have answered the most frequently asked questions from a famous aquatic plant forum and Quora. We have answered the 7 most frequently asked questions related to aquarium plants

What are good aquarium plants?

Plants that are healthy and without any infection are good aquarium plants and they could be used for setting the aquarium.

Are live plants good for an aquarium?

One of the most debated topics among hobbyists and the answer is live plants are not only aesthetically purposed but also absorb nitrate from fish fecal waste, produce more oxygen in the aquarium, and also provide hiding places for aquarium fish.

Can aquarium plants grow in gravel?

In my experience, have witnessed plants grow well in gravel and it is not always a mandate to grow plants only in ADA Soil or Carib Sea soil. At the same time, there are Hitech plants that require ADA or Carib sea soil.

Can too many plants kill fish?

It is advisable to keep a balance of aquarium plants vs. fishes. Too many aquarium plants might strain the fish as in the night the plants produce Co2 and this might lower the pH Level and lower pH levels would harm the fishes.

What aquarium plants can grow on driftwood?

I would recommend Christmas tree moss and Anubias nana.

Why do my aquarium plants keep dying?

The common reasons for aquarium plants dying are no adequate light or no iron content available for the plants. Both the problems could be easily fixed, getting the right light and adding iron-based fertilizer would save your plant.

Should I remove dead plants from the aquarium?

Yes, it is essential to remove the dead plants from the aquarium. It would create unwanted bacteria that would harm the fish.

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