Dragon stone is used during aquascaping, and they bring great texture to the aquascape through its structure and color. We have answered the top 5 questions hobbyists have on dragon stones.

Is dragon stone safe for aquariums?

Yes, Dragon stone is absolutely safe to keep in aquariums. Before placing the dragon stone give it a thorough rinse.

Does Dragon Stone raise pH?

No, placing dragon stone in the aquarium will not have any impact on the pH levels of the aquarium water.

How do you make a dragon stone for an aquarium?

It is a 3 step process, given the dragon stone a thorough rinse, soak the dragon stone in hot water added with hydrogen peroxide for 6 hours, remove them and dry them. Following this 3 step process, your dragon stone is ready to be placed in an aquarium.

How do you break the Dragon Stone?

Place the dragon stone on a hard rubber mat. The best way to break the dragon stone is to use a rubber hammer or a cast iron hammer.

Can you boil Dragon Rock?

Yes, you can boil dragon rock with caution. Do not leave the dragon rock for hours together in boiling this might cause the dragon rock to crack.

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