Platy fish, the live bearer known for its bright colors and soft nature is one of the most sold fishes in the aquarium hobby since the last 3 decades. Considering the popularity, in this post we have answered the most asked questions the hobbyist have on platy fish

How big do Platies fish get?

Platy fish would grow up to 2.8 Inches or 7 Centimeter

How many Platies should be kept together?

Group of 6 to 8 Platy fish is good number to start with, you can look at a ratio of 2 female is to 1 male

What fish can live with platys?

Platy fish can comfortably live with live bearers like molly, guppies and dwarf gourami, corry fish, tetras

Are platys aggressive?

Platy fish are not aggressive in nature, when the population of male platy fish is higher then the female in the group they would fight

Can I keep a single platy?

It is advised not to keep platy fish as a single fish as they love to be in com

How often should platys be fed?

2 times a day is sufficient for platy fishes, ensure you feed them the amount which can consume in full

Do platys kill other fish?

No platy fishes do not kill each other, however they tend to nip each other for fun

Why did my platy died suddenly?

This could be because of sudden changes in water parameters like change in pH Level, temperature changes

Will platy eat other fish?

No, platy fish won’t each other. However, they tend to eat their newborn and also nip any dead fish

Do platys poop a lot?

Being live bearers they tend to leave a pop trial and this is not much of a concern. When you compare the gold fish they are minimal

How long can Platies go without food?

In home aquarium, they can sustain without food until 2 weeks.

Can platys change gender?

Yes, female platy can change gender if there are no males in the group. This could be possible only by the female platy which has never carried babies before, sound interesting right do check here for a detailed answer

Can platy fish live with bettas?

Yes, they can happily live with Bettas. Give them enough space, so betta fish does not nip the platy fish

Why did my pregnant platy died?

It is common for pregnant platy to die, the primary reason could be because of their early age pregnancy and the other could be of not healthy platy fish

Do platy fish need air pump?

Yes, they would prefer more oxygenated water and this due to their origin (South America river streams)

Why is my platy fish swimming upside down?

Platy fish if swimming upside down, this could because of swim bladder problem

Can a guppy impregnate a platy?

No, it is not possible for a guppy to impregnate the platy fish as they are not from the same species family

Can I keep all male Platies together?

You can attempt doing this, giving enough space and hiding space to the group of male platy fish wouldn’t harm each other much. Feed them adequately this would minimize the effect on their aggressiveness

Can Platies live with neon tetras?

Yes, Platies can be kept with neon tetras. It should be not a problem, both variety of fishes love to be in groups and they socialize well

Do platys like current?

They have originated from slow-moving river streams of South America, hence they would like a decent current but not a strong one

Are Platies schooling fish?

Yes, Platy fishes are schooling fishes. They like small groups (6 to 8) and they are one of the ideal fishes for a community tank

Do Platies eat plants?

Platy fish are omnivorous, so they feed on plants and small insects/worms. In home aquarium, it advised to feed them both variety of food worms & green flakes

How long does it take for platy fry to get their colors?

Play fry would show their colors from month 2 to month 3. From month 4 they would have attained their actual colors

Do platy fish eat algae?

Platy fish will almost eat any kind of algae but algae cannot be their only food. Being omnivorous they would need a tasty worm as well.

Can Platies eat cucumber?

Yes, Platy fish love greens like cucumber and lettuce. You can feed cucumber once a week and they love this a treat

Can a Molly and a platy mate?

Molly fish and platy fish cannot mate, as they are not from the same family Poecilia vs. Xiphophorus. Genetically they are not compatible and hence it is not possible for a molly to mate with platy fish

Can platy fish breed with Swordtails?

yes, Platy fish can breed with swordtail fish as they are closely related and belong to the Xiphophorus genus family. They definitely can interbreed and have some hybrid fry

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