Java moss plant is one of the most used aquarium plant in the hobby, as it is being adapted by many new hobbyist due to their easy to grow and hardy nature there are many questions which hits the hobbyist and this post we have answered the most asked 15 questions about Java moss plant

How do you grow java moss?

Growing Java moss is pretty easy to grow, you can glue the Java moss over a drift wood or rock. You can simply float the Java moss in the aquarium and they would grow. Ensure there is adequate lighting and good amount of CO2 diffused in the aquarium

Does Java moss need to be planted?

No, Java moss is need not be planted as they don’t have roots. Depending on your aquascape you can stick or tie the moss to appropriate hardscape materials

How fast does Java moss grow?

Java moss, either they don’t grow really fast nor slow. Depending on the light they get the growth rate is determined

How much does Java moss cost?

On an average a portion of Java moss would cost between $7 to $9. As they grow, you can trim them and sell them to your friends and other fellow aquarist and by doing so you can break even on your investment

Does Java moss clean water?

Yes, Java moss keeps the water clean in the sense of maintaining the water parameters. Java moss absorbs excess nutrients or nitrates and this, in turn, would help to maintain the water parameter

Do snails eat Java moss?

No, Snails wont eat Java moss. I haven’t personally witnessed this or my fellow aquarist have mentioned anything about snails eating Java moss

Does Java moss give oxygen?

Yes, Java moss produces oxygen. As part of the photosynthesis process they absorb CO2 and produce oxygen.

Why is my Java moss dying?

Generally Java moss are hard plants, however if not properly trimmed or not properly planted this might cause the Java moss to turn brown and die

Do guppies eat Java moss?

Guppies do bite and chew Java moss but not to an extent to stunt the growth of Java moss plant

Is Java moss invasive?

Java moss is native to southeast Asia and it is considered an invasive plant in this region. Once they establish themselves in a sub tributary it becomes completely difficult to remove them

Do goldfish eat Java moss?

Goldfish wont eat the Java moss as a meal, however they would chew and spit them

Can I float Java moss?

Yes, you could definitely float Java moss in the aquarium. Java moss if floated could become potential spawning site for fishes who lay their eggs on their bubble nest

Can Java moss survive in cold water?

Yes, Java moss is ideal for cold water setup and they do very well at temperatures between 59 to 72 Degree Fahrenheit or 15 to 23 Degree Centigrade

Is Christmas moss and Java Moss the same?

Christmas moss and Java moss are not the same. Christmas moss needs a bit more care then the Java moss and they are comparatively slow growers

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