Frontosa cichlid is one of the biggest African cichlids and they are known for their majestic nature. Many hobbyists wanted to own a Frontosa colony at some point in time and due to the rareness of the fish, there are many questions that hobbyists have about Frontosa. In this post, we have answered the most asked 14 Questions, hobbyist have about Frontosa Cichlids.

How big do Frontosa cichlids get?

Male Frontosa cichlid can grow up to 13 to 15 Inches and female frontosa cichlid can grow between 8 to 10 inches.

Can Frontosa live with African cichlids?

Yes, Frontosa cichlid can live with other Tanganyikan cichlids peacefully.

Why are Frontosa cichlids so expensive?

Frontosa Cichlids are expensive for 2 reasons. To collect frontosa from the wild, it is difficult as they live in the deep waters and another reason is they are slow growers and finicky breeders.

How long does it take for a Frontosa cichlid to grow?

During the 1st year they tend to grow fast they can reach between 4 to 5 inches and in the next years, they tend to grow an inch or 2 inches.

Can Frontosa live with Oscars?

If the Frontosa and Oscars are raised together from fries they would jell along well but brought from aquarium stores as adults and introduced in tanks they would for sure harm each other.

What is the bluest Frontosa?

The bluest of Frontosa is Cyphotilapia gibberosa blue Zaire and commonly called Zaire blue in the hobby.

Will Frontosa eat small fish?

As frontosa is carnivorous they would eat small fishes and adults won’t even realize they ate a 2 to 3-inch fish.

Can I keep Frontosa with peacocks?

Yes, you can keep frontosa with peacocks, ensure they are all of the same size.

How can you tell if a Frontosa is male or female?

It is not easy to identify the frontosa as male or female until they reach the adult size 8 Inches. Male frontosa are generally bigger and have big humps when compared to female frontosa’s.

Why is my Frontosa turning black?

Mostly it could be of the stress, and stress could be for various reasons. It could be of less space or it could be of the tank mates in the aquarium or it would be the lighting of the tank.

What do you feed a baby Frontosa?

Baby shrimps would be the ideal food for your frontosa babies, the alternative is to grind the flakes and feed them.

How old do Frontosas have to be to breed?

Frontosa reach their breeding maturity at the age of 3. The mature adults are the chances of breeding is high.

How do you take care of a Frontosa?

If you are holding 6 to 8 Frontosa’s, you would need a 150 Gallon fish tank and ensure to maintain the pH level between 7.8 to 9 and KH 10-20. One other important factor is water temperature, the ideal temperature is between 74 to 80 Fahrenheit (25 to 30 Degree Celsius).

How many Frontosa Can I put in a 150-gallon tank?

A Group of 6 Adult Frontosa would be the ideal number for a 150 Gallon tank. 25 Gallon for an adult, you can have this as a thumb rule.

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