Kuhli Loach ” Small Eel like fish” which are not very commonly used as a bottom dweller fish in the hobby, at the same time it has also created a curiosity among the hobbyist “what is it to own these small eel like fish” and in this post, we have answered the most asked 12 questions about Kuhli loach fish

How big do Kuhli loaches get?

Kuhli loaches can grow up to 4 inches, they attain maturity from 2.5 inches. Given proper conditions, they would achieve the maturity size in 18 months time

What does a Kuhli Loach eat?

Kuhli loach is bottom feeders and they love community pellets, cucumber, bloodworms. They clean up the tank very well as they consume any leftovers of other fishes.

Are Kuhli loaches aggressive?

Kuhli loaches might look aggressive, but they are one of the most peace-loving fishes

Do Kuhli loaches eat dead fish?

Yes, they tend to eat the dead fishes too. It is not advisable to allow Kuhli loach fish to eat the dead fishes in a home aquarium environment as the dead fish might have parasites and this would be transferred to the Kuhli loaches as well

Can I have just one Kuhli Loach?

It is not advised to have one Kuhli loach as they don’t do very well when kept in singles. A minimum of 3 Kuhli loach is recommended for a community-style tank

Will Kuhli Loach jump out of tank?

Khuli loach does not jump out of water generally, however, they are very active at the night (when the lights are out in the fish tank)

Will a Kuhli Loach eat snails?

No, Kuhli loach wont eat snails. They generally have the curiosity to explore them and this might give the hobbyist a feeling of Kuhli loach trying to eat the Snail

Can bettas live with Kuhli loaches?

Yes, Bettas and Kuhli loaches can co-exist in the same fish tank peacefully. No fish would harm each other due to their nature (Bettas tend to graze on the top of aquarium and Kuhli loach are bottom explorers)

Do Kuhli loaches eat cucumber?

Yes, Kuhli loaches love to eat cucumber. Kuhli loaches just feast on the cucumber and i have personally fed them as part of their diet

Can Kuhli loaches live with shrimp?

Yes, Kuhli loaches can live with Shrimp. However, I would not advise them to be kept together. Kuhli loaches, by all means, they could eat small size shrimps or baby shrimps

Do Kuhli loaches like to hide?

Yes, Kuhli loaches love to hide and it is very rare to see them outside the hidden spots of the aquarium. Mostly they tend to come out during feeding time or come out when the lights are out

Do Kuhli loaches eat algae wafers?

yes, Kuhli loaches eat algae wafers. Any variety of algae wafers would be considered as a part of their diet as well

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